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Question: I know my parents needed a marriage license but it seems a little

old-fashioned. Do they still require couples to get a marriage license?


Sarah: Yes, a marriage license is required of any couple getting married in Connecticut.  The fee is usually $50 and if you want a certified copy, there is an additional fee.

Question: Can I get the marriage license without my partner? It's so hard to coordinate our schedules during the day and we are so busy planning for the wedding?


Sarah: Well, plan on doing some more planning to sync your schedule with your partner. The two of you need to be together in person to obtain your marriage license. The process usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to check with the town hall about its hours of operation. While most are open 9 to 5, some have unusual hours especially during the summertime. Be sure to call ahead and find out if you need an appointment. Also, ask if the town clerk needs my information and I will get it for you before you apply for your license. Most clerks do not require it but some do. 


Question: Do I get the license in the town I am living in or the town where I am getting married?


Sarah: You must get your marriage license from the town in which you are getting married. For example,  if you are getting married at the Society Room in Hartford,  but you live in Avon--you must go to the Hartford City Hall to obtain your wedding license. 

Question: Is a marriage license good forever? Let's say my partner and I decide to wait a little longer to get married.


Sarah: Unfortunately, like everything else, nothing lasts forever except for your love. A marriage license is only valid for  65 days. So, plan accordingly. Once your marriage license is issued, you can get married right away. There is no waiting period. 


Question: I've heard stories about same-sex couples having a hard time getting their marriage licenses. Does that happen here?


Sarah: If you are entering a same-sex marriage, no town clerk can refuse your application anywhere in the United States. Period. End of Story. The United States Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a nationwide right in 2015. 


Question: Do I need to bring my marriage license to the wedding ceremony?


Sarah: Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay, now that we have that clear, you need to bring your license because without it, I can't marry you. Also, I will need your license as soon as I arrive at the ceremony. Directly after the ceremony, I return your license via mail or in person to the town clerk's office. Again, you will not get it  back from me after the ceremony because it's now a legal document, and  I need to make sure is delivered properly. 


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